Access 2002 Append Query Problems



I get this error reading, "Microsoft Access can't append all records in the
append query... Microsoft Access set 0 field(s) to Null due to a type
conversion failure, and it didn't add 3 record(s) to the table due to key
violations, 0 record(s) due to lock violations, and 0 record(s) to due to
validation rule violations" when I do an append query to remove duplicates
from my primary table. My databases from Crystal weren't working (saved in
Excel, only values), so I tested Access by creating a control database and
running the same append query to remove duplicates from the original table (6
records), and I still got this message. I've checked type conversion on all
my fields, and they seem good. Any ideas on what could be happening?


Sounds like you have duplicates.
Create a Totals query putting both tables in the query design view above the
Click on your primary key field and drag to the other table matching field.
Pull down the primary key field to the Field row and do the same with the
matching field from the other table.
Click on the Totals icon (looks like an 'M' on its side - ∑ ), select Count
as the option for the matching field and Descending as the sort.

Run the query to see how many records in the other table you are trying to
append into a single record - the Key Violations.

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