One Purchase Order per Page




I'm learning Access 2002 by using the Bible book, I'm designing a purchase
order data base. I'm trying to create a report that print each purhcase
order on a page with each line number in each purchase order. the problem
is: when I view the report the following purchase order number also appears
on the page, what am doing wrong?

help please



Larry Linson

My guess is that you need to right-click on the little white square in the
upper leftmost corner of the report in design view, choose sorting and
grouping, group on whatever field is your unique identifier for an invoice,
and use the ForceNewPage property of that Group Header.

If that's not the problem, check the suggestions for effective use of
newsgroups at, then follow up here with a
clarification, detailed, but precise and concise.

Larry Linson
Microsoft Access MVP

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