Purchase order



I am creating a purchase order in msaccess. In sub-form I have fields as
below :
serial no, description, qty, unit price, total.
Once I print I want to get all lines as per line number series per invoice.
e.g : Invoice number 1 I need to print all line numbers and Invoice 2 I need
to print all line numbers. Sometimes it will be more than 1 page. What is
the techniq of this?




If I understand you correctly Kutty, use the Sorting Grouping button in the
report's Design View to group by the Invoice's unique field (the Invoice
Number perhaps?). In Sorting Grouping box, choose to have a Header. Drag
your Invoice fields into this Header section (eg Date, Customer, Invoice
The Items in the the invoice will be listed in the Details section under
this this main header.

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