Sum in page footer problem

May 20, 2008
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Hello all,

I am building a purchasing system using Access 2003. I have a supplier table, an order information table, and an order item table. In this setting, it could be more than one item go into one order.

I created the query to produce a purchasing report, which prints out the order as hard copy for administration process. This query contains [item description], [qty], [unit price], and [line price]. The line price field is a calculated field, which is [qty]*[unit price].

The report is grouped by order number. [item description], [qty], [unit price], and [line price] are put in detail of the report. Then I add an txt box on the page footer to sum up the total value of the order, and its ControlSource is set as =Sum([line price]). When I run it, it shows #error on the txt box. I then move it to report footer and run it, this time it works.

Any thoughts how this happens?


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