One Domain- 2 Subnets



I'm building a Win200 environment.

One Active directory domain with two subnets. SubnetA and

Each subnet will have 2 domian controllers for resilience
hosting DNS AD Integrated zones. Forward and Reverse.

Do I need to create a reverse Lookup Ad Integrated zones
for each subnet...on one DNS server?
DNS traffic will be allowed to flow and routing also
Will Active Directory information get replicated or do I
need to create sites...? they actually will be in the same

Please advise


J.C. Hornbeck [MSFT]

You don't necessarily have to create sites or reverse zone to get Active
Directory to work. Creating sites may provide an advantage to you depending
on whether there's a slow link connecting each segment but if they're in the
same building it's likely unnecessary.

J.C. Hornbeck, MCSE
Microsoft Product Support

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