Dynamic DNS not working after Subnet change.



Domain 2000
DNS server Windows 2003 (reverse lookup zone 10.10.1.x subnet)
DHCP is on the same server as DNS

Last week we changed our IP subnet from / 24 to /
Everything went ok.
Yesterday I noticed in the reverse lookup for DNS that we have a lot of
double entries for single IP address. I deleted these thinking that
DHCP would dynamically update them when user logged in again I was
Because we changed the subnet I created another reverse lookup zone
I released the IP address of a client PC and deleted the DNS A record
and rebooted.
The PC got a different IP address created a DNS A record but no PTR
Has any one got any ideas





How do you get te reverse zone to accept records beyond the scope of a /24?
I tried creating a reverse zone for, but when I try to add a
record, it only allows me to modify the last octet. Not that your problem is
related, I'm probably just too dumb to figure it out. But I'd really like to
know one way or the other.




I don't know if what I did is right.
I created a reverse zone 10.10 (left the 3rd octave blank)
I'm able to manually create records but not dynamically



Ace Fekay [MVP]

I don't know if what I did is right.
I created a reverse zone 10.10 (left the 3rd octave blank)
I'm able to manually create records but not dynamically

As long as the machines are ONLY set to use your internal DNS servers that
host the zone, and the reverse zone is created with the same subnet the
client is set to, then it will auto update, that is if you also allowed
updates. It will actually create subfolders under the 10.10.x.x zone for
each. So if you have a client using, then a subfolder under the
10.10.x.x zone wil be created called '222', and under that, you will see and the workstation name.

When you create a zone, by default updates are disabled. If you are mixing
internal and external (ISP's or router's) DNS addresses, then no telling
what will happen with this or with AD. As a friendly reminder, the cardinal
basic rule is to only use the internal DNS. You can configure a forwarder
for more efficient internet resolution if you like.

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