old computer need help on what to do with it.



Have a person who is poor hardworking folks who have
the computer below and it has a bad hardrive. I can
replace the hardrive. He wants it to play games which I
need answers from experts as to the answer to the
following questions.

1. Will it play most games if I update the hardrive and
his momory to 20gig hardrive and 256 memory?
2. If so should I upgrade it to xp since I have xp home
that I could put on it since I went to xp pro. If I do
will that make it play games better or should I leave 88
on it.
3. What about the processor it is a 466 I would think
that is enough for the games?

4. I am not a gamer and so do not know if this computer
is worth updating to a bigger hardrive and memory. Also
per hp you can only place two 128 sticks in the computer
is that a set thing or just something that was standard
at the time it was made?

Like I said this is not for me but for a person who works
hard everyday to just make a living and does not have the
money to buy and new computer, so please give me your
advice. You can email me at (e-mail address removed)
Please do not send me a virus or worm at the email
address I have all the protection to stop it.

Again thanks

HP Pavilion PC Model 6553 (US) - Product Specifications

Model number
Base processor and speed
Intel Celeron 466 Megahertz (MHz) processor
Intel 810
Component Attributes
RAM (standard) 64 megabytes (MB) SDRAM
Maximum 256 MB (2 x 128 MB DIMM)
Speed 100 MHz synchronous
Sockets Two 168-pin DIMMs
Size 16, 32, 64, and 128 MB DIMMs
Pairs Required No
Type Supported SDRAM, 100 MHz,
Intel PC SDRAM unbuffered DIMM
revision 1.0 compliant

Level Quantity
Level 1 (Primary) 32 kilobytes (KB) (on
Upgrade Sockets None
Level 2 128 KB (on processor)

Hard drive
13 gigabytes (GB) (3.5-inch form factor)
CD-ROM drive
Attribute Properties
Speed 40x (maximum)
Access Speed 75 to 85 ms
Transfer Rate 2.0 to 4.8 MB per second

Diskette drive
1.44 MB (3.5-inch form factor)
Fax/data modem
Attribute Properties
Modem Rockwell Riptide combo card
(supports V.90 K56 Flex
Data Speed 56 Kbps
Fax Speed Up to 14.4 Kbps
Plug and Play Yes
Hayes Compatible Yes
Data Compression v.42 bis
Error Correction v.42
COM Port (default) 3
IRQ (default) Variable
EIA Fax Commands Class 1

Attribute Properties
Video Graphics PCI Local Bus
Controller Intel 810
Video Memory 11 MB shared system
memory; integrated graphics;
not upgradable
Feature Connector (game/joystick) Yes
640 x 480
800 x 600
1024 x 768
1280 x 1024 16/256/32 K/64 K/16.7 M
16/256/32 K/64 K colors
16/256/32 K/64 K colors
256 colors

MPEG-1 for full-screen, full-motion digital
Attribute Properties
Compatibility 3-D Stereo, PCI, 16-bit
Controller AMC97 codec
Location Rockwell RipTide combo card
Noise Cancellation Yes
Line Out Yes
3-D Spatializer Yes
Wavetable Yes
Tone Control No
Microphone With HP Pavilion Multimedia
Speakers HP/Polk Audio stereo speakers
(left and right)

External ports
Port Type Quantity
Serial 1
Parallel 1
Game 1

Expansion slots
Total expansion slots
Port Type Quantity

Available expansion slots
Port Type Quantity

Drive bays
Total drive bays
Bay Type Quantity
3.5-inch, external 2
5.25-inch, external 1
3.5-inch, internal 1

Free drive bays
Bay Type Quantity
3.5-inch, external 1

One-touch keyboard; PS/2 two-button mouse
M50 15-inch




1. Yes
2. Not necessary XP won't install or run on a 486; pentium is required.
3. A 486 is slow considering what's available today.
4. HP is probably correct considering the age of the computer.




I agree with Jerry with the exception of supported processors. XP will work
on Pentium, Celeron, Athlon and Duron families (233 MHz min; 300 rec) with
at least 64 MB. However, you wouldn't like it at the minimum configuration.
If the mfg says no more than 2-128M sticks, believe it. Even though the
chipset supports 512MB, the mobo is probably missing the upper bit. I
discovered this on an old Dell machine. Also, keep in mind the newer 3-D
games coming out now need more of everything. Go to Fry's or your favorite
store and check out the min system req. for the games you like.

- Robert -

Jerry said:
1. Yes
2. Not necessary XP won't install or run on a 486; pentium is required.
3. A 486 is slow considering what's available today.
4. HP is probably correct considering the age of the computer.


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