OL2007: Cannot locate recurrence information for this appointment


Eric F

<sorry about the previous blank post>

I just wanted to chime in here to report that we were seeing the exact same
issue with one of our Assistants and her accessing the Executives calendar.

Didn't try all the same steps as Alexander, but most of them and came up
with the same results.

Funny thing is today the Assistant reported the problem was resolved - and
we didn't change a thing. The only thing, which was a random coincidence, is
that she had to re-sync (Enterprise Activate) her Blackberry due to a faulty
sim card.

Similar to this, we're also seeing 5-6 other users having an issue with
disappearing calendar items and "Cannotlocaterecurrenceinformationfor
thisappointment." error messages when attempting to dismiss reminders.

I've read that the resolution is to delete and recreate/reaccept the
meetings, but the rapid increase of these reports in the last 24 hours makes
me think it isn't just some random corrupt appointments...

My gut is telling me it's related to handheld e-mail devices - but the users
reporting the problems have everything - Activesync (Windows mobile and
iphone) and Blackberry. One users doesn't even have a mobile device.

Which then points me to the possibility that it's not the users having the
problems, but attendees of the meeting that is "corrupting" the appointments.


<reviving old thread>

I know this is a dead thread, but I wanted to drop in a line here in
hopes of helping anyone else that might stumble across this thread as
I did. Our scenario only includes two users, the manager and their
assistant. When the assistant tried to view more than 1 item in the
manager’s calendar, they would get the exact same error stated in the
original post. The manager had the assistant as a delegate to certain
items to their Outlook services (most notably, the calendar). These
are the steps I took to resolve the issue:

1. Removed the manager’s calendar from the assistant’s Outlook 2007
client (quit Outlook)
2. Removed all delegations from the manager’s Outlook 2007 client
3. Verified that the manager’s calendar sharing permissions did not
have anyone listed
4. Restarted the manager’s Outlook client (since they were off the
domain, it required them to log in)
5. Added the assistant back in as a delegate (ensuring appropriate
permissions from both parties)
6. Launched the assistant’s Outlook client and added the manager’s
calendar back in

Your results may vary, but it seems to have resolved the issue I was
having with this group. Corruption is definitely a possibility since
the manager has many different employees that connect to the Exchange
server in many varied ways to accept/decline meeting invitations. The
assistant is the one that mostly creates, modifies, and generally
manages their manager’s calendar. Previous to this, I had tried to
manually remove all shared calendar permissions from the manager’s
Outlook client and then recreate them. This only made matters worse.
I hope this helps someone else out there and can only imagine how much
more complex this would get if you have more than just one delegate on
the manager’s side. I was lucky that the relationship between my
group was fairly simple.


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