OL 2007 - calendar view



I have OL 2007 and I usually have full week active. I miss two things:

1) Appointment's start time displayed in numbers
- this is true in To-Do Bar, but not in calendar view

2) Reminder-icon to show if reminder is active
- this is false in both To-Do Bar and calendar view

I have not found a place to activate those. Can someone please help me.

BillR [MVP]

For 2 you need a table-based view to see the Reminder.
For 1 you need to hover your mouse over the Appointment to see the start and
end times more precisely than the view does.

Diane Poremsky

1. try making the outlook window larger - minimize the to-do bar or make
the navigation and to-do panes narrower. The times hide if there is no room
for the subject, just as they do in 2003.


Number 1 is OK, I can live without that, but number 2 I miss a lot. I'm used
to rely on those reminders. Other people don't always put reminders when they
arrange meetings. But that's how MS has decided to show things in OL 2007.

Thank you for helping.

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