OL 2002 Rules Wizard



I am facing the follwing problem working with the rules
wizard: I am trying to move incoming messages received
through a specific account to a specific folder. I have 4
rules like that, thereoff 4 email accounts, all POP3. 2
rules work fine. On the rules no. 3 and 4 the wizard
ignores one account and sends all email to the Inbox and
on the other account he sends all emails to to two
folders (the ones from rule no. 3 and 4). It basically
duplicates the email.

Even if you enter: move all messages from accoun#3 to
folder #3 click ok and leave the wizard the next time you
check the rule the wizard changed it to: move all
messages from account#4 to folder#3.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


If messages are being duplicated it means that the
message matches two rules. It'll put messages in the
appropriate places - both places. Try to be more specific
with the rule if you can, or create a "clean-up" rule to
get rid of the message that's in the wrong location.

I don't have a specific fix, but I think this is an
explanation of what you're seeing.

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