Office 2007 & Windows Explorer



I have a user who is running Office 2007, and when she has an excel doc open,
then goes to Windows Explorer to look for other file(s), locates, and double
clicks on the new doc, the new doc opens, but the windows explorer window
remains on top. We have tried a few things, but nothing seems to be helping.

Any other suggestions so that the new excel document opens on the screen so
that the user can see it rather than the Windows Explorer window?

We've tried with no luck ...
1) Office Button > Excel Options > Advanced > General > Ignore other
2) Start > Run > excel /unregserver > OK > Start > Run > excel /regserver
3) made sure that Excel opens "Maximized" everytime

Any other suggestions???? Please help.


If I am posting this to the wrong area, please advise. I have been looking
for solution to this for weeks now, and don't even get a response.


Sorry to give such not-detailed advice, but I think it would be worth looking
into downloading and installing Microsoft's TweakUI tool:
The link is over in the right hand column of available tools.

I believe it has the ability to set the behavior of certain applications,
including whether or not they remain on top after selection/use. Those
settings may aid in solving your problem.


ty. i will have access to the computer on thurs, i will try it then. at this
point, anything is worth a try.

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