Offer Remote Assistance Error on laptops



I have a number of Dell Latitude D600 laptops running Windows XP Pro with
both SP1 and SP2. I am unable to Offer Remote Assistance to any of the
laptops, I receive the error "Remote server machine does not exist or is
unavailable" as soon as I try to connect - there is no problem offering
remote assistance to desktops!

I have a group policy set up to enable Remote Assistance and the following
exceptions for SP2 firewall blocks:
Port - TCP 135
Remote Desktop - port 3389

I have searched Microsoft and other forums - is there something else that I
am missing?

Thanks in advance for any help!

2nd posting - Sorry



Brian Steele

You might want to check your group policy settings for firewall program
exceptions. The following are supposed to work (according to the help


I'm however, getting the same error when trying to connect to both desktops
and laptops on my LAN, even with the above-mentioned settings!

The event log also reports the following error:

DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer (computername) using
any of the configured protocols.

A search on the MS Support site turned up nothing to help resolve the
problem, apart from a suggestion to check a certain registry setting, which
turned out to be set correctly on the PCs in question.

Interestingly enough, if a user firsts requests assistance, then Remote
Assistance works. The problem happens when an administrator tries to offer
Remote Assistance, instead of accepting an invitation from the user.


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