OE won't switch identities



I have two identities in OE6. One identity is the Main Identity, the other
is a new identity (with a different e-mail address but under the same
account). This main identity is gathering lots of spam and will be shut down
in a few weeks. The other identity is for my personal e-mail only. I was
able to switch identities by going to File (from within OE), then clicking on
switch identities, and selecting the desired identity.

Last night I had to repair Windows XP OP using the original CD and the
repair function. Now I can no longer switch identities. Both are there, but
I can't switch between them.

Please, some suggestions to get it to switch identities.


PA Bear

1. Check in at Windows Update to (re)install WinXP SP2 & reboot.

2. Now go back to Windows Update to install additional updates & patches the
machine will need.

#1 and #2 should take care of the switching identities problem.

Understand that an identity can have more than one email address (account)
running in it. IOW you could have both email addresses running in the same
(one) identity.

You can use Message Rules to deal with the spam:

Message Rules Tips

Why doesn't my rule work?

Filtering /in/ your messages
OE6-specific newsgroup:
OE General newsgroup:

~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
MS MVP-Windows (IE/OE, Security, Shell/User)

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