Added Identity Problem



I have Outlook Express 6 installed ( doesnt seem to be an Outlook Express
news group!).
I'm having trouble trying to trying to generate a new identity so there are
2 email addresses associated with my one computer (two people are using it).
As far as I know I have followed the procedure as indicated
....File...Identities... Add New Identity etc. All seems to have gone OK
and the added Identity appears on the relevant list and I can switch between
the new identity an the main identity as expected.
A couple of "Standard" emails appeared in the new identities Inbox.
However when a friend sent an email to the new identiy it didnt go and my
friend got a message indicating that the "new" email address wasnt
I deceided to remove the just added identity and start again. Alas when I
tried this I was asked for the password and when I typed in the password I
had just specified I got the message "Incorrect Password" so I couldnt
proceed. (NB. I typed in the password in upper case and, when that failed ,
in lower case.)

I then deceided to add another Identity taking extra care with all entries.
Alas the same thing happened! So now I have Main Identity and 2 useless
Other identities which , because the relevent passwords arent recognised, I
can neither delete or modify.

Can anybody tell me at least how can I delete the two added Identities
without knowing the passwords?


John W.


John said:
I have Outlook Express 6 installed ( doesnt seem to be an Outlook Express
news group!). ...

You are right. This is *not* a newsgroup for Outlook Express. This
newsgroup discusses the completely separate product of Outlook. The OE
newsgroup is over at:


In OE, to find a new or "missing" newsgroup, reset its newsgroups list
to re-retrieve that list (i.e., get a fresh listing). Then start
entering some text on which to search for matching newsgroups (e.g.,
enter "express" to find the OE newsgroups).


Thanks VanguardLH
I followed your instructions to the letter but there was no
"microsoft.public.outlookexpress.general" in the resultant list!
There were approximately 6 to 8 newsgroups with "Outlook Express" or
"outlookexpress" in their descriptions. Most had no content and a couple
had 1 or 2 advertisements in them!
I have discovered how to get the passwords of the "useless identities" which
I previously added and subsequently have now deleted them. I am still
having problems adding a valid Identity
and am still stuggling along!
John W.

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