Exporting from Outlook Express (2 identities) to Outlook



Ok, here is my problem. I use Outlook Express and I have 2 identities set up, one identity for each email address. I like this feature because I can keep mail from both email addresses separate. I can toggle between identities by clicking FILE and then choosing "switch identity".

I want to export everything to Outlook 2003 and I want to keep one "identity" for each of my 2 email accounts. I want Outlook to operate the same way as Outlook Express with respect to these 2 identities. I tried to export everything but I do not end up with 2 identities. Can anyone provide some guidance on this issue?


Greg .
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Outlook doesnt use Identities, it uses Profiles
You cannot switch Profiles like with OE, you have to physically close
outlook, then re open using that Profile
If you have Outlook 2007 it can be set up so that each mail account has its
own set of folders, allthough the type of mail account might impact on this

You can create Profiles via the Mail applet in the control Panel (each
profile having a single mail account)

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