OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid 1TB


Mar 25, 2003
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Bjorn 3D have reviewed the OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid 1TB which combines a 120GB Revodrive and a 1TB Hard drive for 'the ultimate in speed and capacity':

"The RevoDrive Hybrid is a unique product which is difficult to compare. At its present market price it is a very nice deal just looking at the hardware specifications alone. The 1TB enterprise HDD provides the benefit of drive size, and the RAID-configured SATA III compatible SSD chips in caching mode gives us a great speed boost; with the caching algorithm, it seems to be a seamless venture into a high-capacity, high-speed solution.

The RevoDrive Hybrid is a very capable unit but it does have some downfalls we wish to see improved in the future. The first is that the unit must be used as the primary boot drive, otherwise the caching software will utilize the drive that the OS is on, and we hope some simple updates in the future can resolve this. Next would be greater NAND capacity, as there are many NAND pads left empty which we know would create a lot more space for hot data, and in turn would reduce the speed decrease associated with having to pull data off the HDD.

Anyone who has been on the fence or thinking about getting a smaller SSD just for the OS and a larger hard drive just for storage should look at the RevoDrive Hybrid as it gives the possibility of some lightning-fast performance with large storage capacity all in a single card, and for the current price, is an excellent deal."

You can read the full review here.


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