Crucial Adrenaline SSD Cache


Mar 25, 2003
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Hardware Look have reviewed the Crucial Adrenaline SSD Cache - here's a snippet:

"Solid State drives are now a common storage option among the population, due to their now affordable prices, which instantly made them go mainstream. However single unit SSD’s are still storage devices they often do not attract a lot of users because they don’t offer a high amount of storage capacity without that price tag jumping to infinity. This is where SSD caching drives really come into their own in that in-between market. For some of you, you may not be aware of the SSD caching drives; they are Solid State drives with the primary function of being an add-on to your mechanical hard drive, often coming in storage capacities of 64GB to 120GB, however the CRUCIAL Adrenaline comes in a 50GB format. The SSD Caching drive uses NAND Flash technology and is quick and easy to install as the SSD attaches right into your system, providing a instance hard drive performance boost.

We were very impressed earlier this year when we took a look at the OCZ Synapse drive, which boosted the HDD into almost SSD performance. They are a cheap add on making last-generations SSD’s performance but keeping your 1TB,2TB of more drive capacity.

We are taking a look at the Crucial Adrenaline caching drive today and are quite excited to see the results comparison against the 1TB western digital hard drive when stand-alone, and against the results of the OCZ Synapse Drive reviewed previously this year."

You can read the full review here.


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