Oblivion Won't Run



I loaded Oblivion The Elder Scrolls IV Game of the Year Edition on Windows
Vista but it will not run. The game's main menu comes up when the disc is
inserted but when I click play a small blank window opens with Oblivion as
the title and another information box opens stating that Oblivion has stopped

I am running Windows Vista Home Basic Version 6.0.

Any ideas?


List Hardware Spec: Do you have the latest video and sound drivers downloaded
from the manufacturers website. Are you trying to run oblivion in 32 bit
compatibility mode? Are you " running as administrator". Are you running
Oblivion from the games folder in windows?


I'm not sure where to look to get the hardware specs. I have not loaded
anything on the computer except an HP printer. We purchased the PC in May of
2007. I'm not sure how to change the compatibility mode or even see which
mode I'm running in. As far as I know I am running as the administrator as I
loaded the game as the "Home" user and I was able to change security settings
with no problems. The specs below are copied directly from the System and
Maintence option in the Control Panel but I'm not sure if they are exactly
what you wanted to see.

Model: Aspire 3690
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) M CPU 520 @ 1.60GHZ
Memory (RAM): 1014 MB
System type: 32-bit Operating System

The game does the same thing if I run from the games window or if I just put
the disc in and click play from the main menu.

Sorry - I can find things no problem if you wouldn't mind telling me where
to look but I'm extremely new to the gaming world.

Andy [YaYa]

Oblivion runs fine without admin access, and I've never heard of 32-bit
compatibility mode, either the program is 32-bit, or it's 64-bit, don't
think there's really a way to make a 64-bit program compatible in a 32-bit

I will agree that you should respond to this post and list your hardware
specifications (make and model of your computer). It's possible your video
card isn't robust enough for the game, or you need to update your video card


Andy [YaYa]

3690 is the Acer "Series" the model is usually something like "AS3690-2009",
if you look at the bottom of your computer you should find this information,
but judging from the fact that you have a Celeron M CPU, only 1 Gig of RAM
and are running in Windows Vista Basic, I'd guess that your Video card is
probably not powerful enough to handle this game.

If you want to get this game going, you probably can, but we still need to
make sure you video card drivers are up to date.

Try this:
Click your Start Menu button
Find Computer on the right and RIGHT-CLICK on this line.
a pop-up menu will appear, select "Properties" from this menu.
From the new window the comes up Click Device Manager on the left side and
accept the UAC security check.
From the new window, click on the Plus signs next to "Display Adapaters" and
"Sound, video and game controllers"

The info that appears under these lines are you video card and your sound
card driver names.

Respond with that info.

If your Video card says the following, you can find drivers at the websites
Intel - http://www.intel.com
nVidia - http://www.nvidia.com
ATi - http://ati.amd.com

As I said earlier, your system more than likely is NOT designed for gaming,
espically something as complex as graphically robust as Oblivion. At the
very LEAST you should upgrade your system to 2 Gigs of RAM if you want to
even attempt to play this game. Ideally you want to sell this notebook and
buy a gaming desktop.


Ok -
All I see for a model is BL50 but it does have AS3690-2846 in another spot
on the bottom of the laptop.

Display Adapter: Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family
Sound, video: Realtek High Definition Audio

I'll go to the Intel and Realtek websites and see what I can find out about

Thanks for all your help. I didn't realize you needed a more advanced
computer for running high-end games.

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