Oblivion and Vista Speed/Performance :: Help Needed



Hi Folks,

First of all I know Oblivion is not really suppoted on Vista by Bethseda
Softwarks (yada yado and soforth); with that aside I was wondering if
someone could help with my issue below.

I upgraded one of my home computers to Vista Home Premium this weekend, and
for ha-ha's and giggles, I installed Oblivion to it to see what it would do
on this device (now note I've run Oblivion on it before with no real issues).

However when installing this game on my upgraded system (and the patch
v1.1.511 English) on my computer the games starts ok; but performance is
somewhat weak.

The worst place where I see it is in the game startup screen where you can
"Load" games. The main screen starts but once you click the "Load button" the
system pauses and then starts refreshing the screen. At which point the mouse
cursor starts hopping terribly like it can't keep up.

Once I start a game and have it in low graphics is reasonably fine in the
game. I don't understand why its so slow in that section of the game?

anyone have any suggestions? I've tried placing the OblivionLaunch.exe and
Oblivion.Exe files into XP SP2 compatibility mode, with maybe some slight
improvements. Also the HDD is defragmented quite well (Diskeeper 2007 Pro has
been run enumerous times)..

Sys Specs:
Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
Nvidia 6600 Series (model not exactly available)
1GB system ram
Win Vista Home Premium
SB Audigy 2 ZS

Latest Available Drivers for all above loaded, additionally using 2GB of USB
BoostReady Memory

Oblivion's Graphics Settings are presently set for "Low" to troubleshoot the
load / issue reported above.

I'm going to play around a bit mroe, but if anyone has any ideas please post
them back here! Be interested in hearing.


Yeup... Even though it just flashes up an extra message box because the
account I am using is an admin it didn't seem to help at all....

Its really strange almost like I need to tell vista to take and make it
Exclusive mode so that it can reserve more until the system starts realizing
itself that it is a frequently used application.

Any one know how to do this or change any settings that would reduce this?
I'm wondering if I have a conflict usage over the video card? Could Vista
and the Areo affects be consuming too much video ram on the application alone?

Paul Smith

I suspect the nVidia drivers are to blame. I'm using a Radeon X1900XT and
can't tell any difference from running it on Windows XP.

Paul Smith,
Yeovil, UK.
Microsoft MVP Windows Shell/User.

*Remove nospam. to reply by e-mail*


I downloaded the 100.59 Beta drivers and will be trying them tonight... And

Hopefully that works, if it doesn't what do people think about trying to
disable the SuperFetch service on this computer? Or does anyone think that
the ReadyBoost Option could be interfering with the game performance.

Just playing around and doing a learning experiment here for future
encounters of this sort of an issue!


i can almost promise you it is the nvidia drivers. they have been well behind
ati when it comes to drivers. as of yesterday the driver they have posted at
nvidia.com is a month old rtm driverthat only gets me 30-40 fps in oblivion,
with frangmented hdr, compared to the 100+ i was getting before in xp. If
you have a gig or less of ram that may also be part of your problem...


I upgraded to Vista Home Premium last week and loaded Oblivion updated with
the latest patch. I am using a laptop, 2MB RAM, no ReadyBoost and ATI
Mobility Radeon X700. Oblivion occasionally freezes (very occasionally) but
other than that it runs fine.

I hope that helps. Would seem that it is most likely to be a driver issue.

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