O2000: user defined contact form problem, date and WebPage




We use Outlook 2000 together with Exchange Server 2000 and have a user
defined contact form stored on the latter.
Two problems occur with our user defined form:

- The values of the built-in field WebPage appear in no view. The
content appears when you click on the contact to view it's content,
but in the views (for example phone list) all WebPage fields remain
If we do the same view on the standard Outlook contact form and add
WebPage to the view, this field will appear properly with it's
I checked and I see no difference between the user defined contact
form WebPage field and the standard one, when I compare the values in
the form designer.

- We have a user defined date field which does not update properly.
Two cases happened:
1. it will only show the update when clicked on the contact, but in
the view it will never show the updated content, even if you change it
multiple times.
2. it will not show up the first update, when you change the value a
second time it will show the value of the first change, when you
change it a third time it will show the value of the second change

These errors also occur if I copy the user defined form from Exchange
server to a local Outlook .pst file for testing purposes.

As far as I know Outlook has been updated with the relevant service

Are these known problems? I haven't seen anything, but maybe my
English is too bad to write a proper query in search engines...

Thanks a lot

Marcus Schaetzle

Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

I can't duplicate either problem here. The Web Page field data from an item
using a published custom form shows up fine in a custom view of a mailbox
Contacts folder. You might want to check the All Fields tab to make sure
that you don't have similar field names that are getting mixed up.

There are a lot of known issues with contact forms (see
http://www.outlookcode.com/d/contactform.htm) but these don't ring a bell.

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