Lost data in user defined fields after performing an import



I have exported my outlook Contacts to Excel, performed some work on it, and
then imported back into outlook selecting "Replace duplicates with items
imported". However, after the import was completed the default form for
contacts reverted back to the standard contacts form instead of my user
defined form. So, I ran my VBA code to change the forms back to the user
defined form but all of my data in the user defined fields has been lost.

How can I restore that lost data?

I am sure (hope) all the data still exists somewhere because when I access a
contact, say ABC, through a Task which is linked to the contact then the old
form with all the data appears in the user defined fields. But when I access
ABC through the normal contact interface then the correct user defined form
appears but without the data in the user defined fileds. Where has it gone,
how do I get it back for all contacts?

Hollis Paul

How can I restore that lost data?
The Outlook Import does not support custom forms. I believe that you
have to use code to bring the contact information back into custom
form. Go to www.outlookcode.com and search for an example of how to do
This page should lead you to what you need:

But look at the following, also:
1. Microsoft Outlook Forms
Resources for designing and programming custom forms and templates for
Microsoft Outlook
URL: http://www.outlookcode.com/d/forms.htm - 45KB - 10 May 2006
2. Saving and Publishing Microsoft Outlook Custom Forms
Issues related to saving and publishing Microsoft Outlook custom forms
URL: http://www.outlookcode.com/d/formpub.htm - 32KB - 10 May 2006
3. How the Custom Forms Cache in Microsoft Outlook Works
How the forms cache in Microsoft Outlook works
URL: http://www.outlookcode.com/d/formscache.htm - 22KB - 10 May 2006
4. Microsoft Outlook 2003 Problems for Developers
Problems and limitations for developers using Microsoft Outlook 2003
URL: http://www.outlookcode.com/d/ol2003problems.htm - 37KB - 12 May
5. How to make a Microsoft Outlook custom form the default
How to make a new Microsoft Outlook form the default for a folder (or
the overall default) and convert existing items
URL: http://www.outlookcode.com/d/newdefaultform.htm - 26KB - 10 May
6. Import and Exporting Data from Custom Microsoft Outlook Forms
How to import or export data from custom Microsoft Outlook fields and
forms via Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and text files
URL: http://www.outlookcode.com/d/customimport.htm - 24KB - 15 May 2006
7. Microsoft Outlook 2002 Problems for Developers
Problems and limitations for developers using Microsoft Outlook 2002
URL: http://www.outlookcode.com/d/ol2002problems.htm - 34KB - 10 May
8. Microsoft Outlook Forms Security Issues for Developers
Information about and workarounds for security issues related to custom
Microsoft Outlook forms
URL: http://www.outlookcode.com/d/secforms.htm - 23KB - 10 May 2006
9. Developer Learning Center for Microsoft Outlook

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