Nvidia Graphics driver problems



Well, I've really messed up this time. I've been having problems with my
Nvidia graphics drivers. I have an Nvidia 8600M GT video card in my Dell
Inspiron 1520 notebook and I have had constant problems with a certain Nvidia
graphics driver. The little blip said that the nvdkllm(I can't remember the
complete name) driver has stopped working but has recovered. And this would
happen occur while I was playing most of my computer games. So I looked it up
in another forum and the advice given said that my current driver needed to
uninstalled and then replaced with this driver straight from the Nvidia
website. So I uninstalled the driver and restarted my computer but now when
the BIOS loads, all I get is a black screen with the flashing typo line thing
at the top left, almost as if the system can't even load Windows Vista! This
a real problem and if anyone has a solution please reply.

Michael Walraven

My advise is to install the latest video driver for your notebook from DELL
not Nvidia. Many times the laptop makers tweak the hardware and therefore
the drivers for their specialized configuration.
(I think the 'M' signifies a laptop configured chipset, so a driver for 8600
GT won't necessarily work)

If you can get to Safe Mode (f8) then you should be able to remove the
driver (will revert to a basic 800x640) or 'last known working' might work
enough to uninstall the drivers and start over.

Vista Home premium

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