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I'm working with a complex database that was constructed by someone before
me. I'm fairly new to Access however I believe I know the error that is
happening when I import I just don't know how to resolve it. Please help!

I am appending an imported table to an existing table and when I match/link
the fields, there are two fields in the existing table that are listed as
Number as the data type. When importing the new table I use a Spec which has
those fields set to Text in the data type. When I try to switch this to
Number, it is not an option. When I'm importing the table and leave it as
Text I end up with a new table of errors... how do I import in this scenario
without ending up with errors??? Why isn't Number an option for importing
but it was an option when this database was originally prepared?

I have access to both Access 2007 and 2003 to resolve this.

Appreciate any help anyone can provide.




Roger Carlson

You have to give the specific number type, that is: integer, long integer,
single, double, byte, etc.

When you look at the design view of the table and it says Number, what is
the specific number type in the "Field Size" property below in the General
tab. That's the type you want to choose in the Spec.

--Roger Carlson
MS Access MVP
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