Type Conversion Failure importing number as text



I am trying to import a file that has a column which contains a long
number. the numbe is a tracking number and in the vast majorty of
records it is puresly numeric. but in every 100 records there are a
few that are alpha/numeric. Access always chokes on the couple alpha/
numeric entries despite all muy attempt to get around the error.

I have tried importing as a CSV and XLS. I have used an Import
Specification that has the field type set to text. I have imported to
an existing table where the field type is text and size of 255, I have
tried importing to a new table with and without the import spec. In
all cases I get Type Conversion Failure on those few records. The rest
of the record imports but it blanks out those fields. In the case of
importing to an existing table, afterthe import failure I can type the
value directly into field so I know that data type is acceptable.

Here are some sample vlaues to illiustrate. The 4th is alpha/numeric
and won't import.


Any ideas?



Forget it. I found that some but not all of the columns used quotes as
a text qualifier and I hadn't set that option in the Import spec when
importing from a CSV file. Once I did that it corrected the problem.

thanks for reading.

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