Can anyone help!!

I keep getting the following errors

ERROR 13552
The File Replication Service is unable to add this
computer to the
following replica set:

This could be caused by a number of problems such as:
-- an invalid root path,
-- a missing directory,
-- a missing disk volume,
-- a file system on the volume that does not support
NTFS 5.0

The information below may help to resolve the problem:
Computer DNS name is "123.xyz.acb.wxy.ac.uk"
Replica set member name is "{8685B50A-9847-46EA-A273-
Replica set root path is "h:\main-data"
Replica staging directory path is "g:\frs-staging"
Replica working directory path is "c:\winnt\ntfrs\jet"
Windows error status code is ERROR_BAD_COMMAND
FRS error status code is FrsErrorResourceInUse

Other event log messages may also help determine the
problem. Correct
the problem and the service will attempt to restart
automatically at a later time.
ERROR 13541
The File Replication Service cannot replicate h:\main-data
because it
overlaps the replicating directory h:\main-data.

I've tried to do what most of the MS links suggest such as
reseting the
jet stuff but nothing seems to work, so any help wound be

Graham Turner

Daz, i posted this on the win2000.active_directory newsgroup and got some

am doing this today so can let you know how i go


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