NT4.0 PDC ---> WIN2k DC



We recently rebuilt an NT 4.0 PDC as a Win 2k (Adv server)
Domain Controller.

Now that the rebuild is complete, a couple issues have
been encountered.

--Cannot see the DC on the entire network from the clients

--Although we were able to remove client X and add it back
to the domain, domain users still cannot sign on

--After signing on locally as administrator, we can see
the domain, but cannot access it, as it is not available

--Also cannot map drives to the DC from domain clients

I am really not good with domain administration but would
really appreciate someone's help. Thanks in advance!



Herb Martin

Did you 'rebuild' the PDC or did you UPGRADE it
to Win2000 (in place)?

Unless you upgraded, you have created a NEW DOMAIN.

Presuming you upgraded, such problems are usually DNS
related -- make sure you have Dynamic DNS with the DC
and all other machines pointed to it in their client NIC\IP

(If you have to change a DC or enable dynamic DNS,
re-start the NetLogon service on (all) DC(s).




It was not an upgrade. The original PDC was blown away. I
am not sure what this means. We were able to remove the
client from that domain and then add it back to that
domain. Does the domain need to be renamed because it was
not upgraded?

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