Not enough memory



Microsoft Office XP installed on a new HP pentium 4. When I try to save a
page "save as" in Front Page I get an error message "Unexpected error
occured: Not enough memory available to complete the operation. Close other
programs to make more memory available and then try again."
However, no "other programs" are open (nothing to close).
When I click OK it saves the file anyway. Why is this strange and annoying
error message appearing? My PC has enough memory to open a 30 Mb graphic and
save it without any problems --- and Word does not have any problems either.


The memory issue is probably caused by a corrupt .web file.
With FrontPage closed, use Windows Explorer to find all *.web files and
delete them. Do not delete any .web files associated with Xara

The .web files are normally found in the folder
%APPDATA%\Microsoft\web server extensions\cache
(type or copy above line into Windows Explorer address bar).

These files will be re-created as and when FrontPage requires them.


Thanks for the suggestion but it did not accomplish anything. The "Unexpected
error" message still pops up if I want to "save as" although I deleted all
..web files. The Front page shortcut properties show (under Advanced) "run in
separate memory space" and this can't be changed. Perhaps the installation of
DreamWeaver on the same computer has something to do with this problem?

I am a Front page user since 1998 and never had any problems. At work I am
using Front Page 2000, which is what I should probably install at home. I do
not use Front Page for publishing pages to the server --- all web pages are
transferred via FTP.

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