Not enough memory available? Windows Vista



We just purchased an HP Pavilion with Windows Vista Home Premium.
1024 MB of RAM and 320 GB hard drive.
I was told Frontpage 2003 would work fine with this. I chose to show the
office assistant which came up as the paper clip guy. When I went to change
the assistant I got an error message saying there is not enough memory
available to complete this operation. What is the deal here? HP tech support
said I'd have to contact Microsoft.



Your system will more than support FP2003 Not sure why you are getting this
error. Try closing the office assistant and see waht happens. It may be some
glitch with Vista but as I have not recieved my free upgrade yet I cant
comment of this too much.



I am getting the same error message and I have 4GB of RAM installed.
Your post is the first that I could find that deals with this exact
problem. I get that error message in word and outlook. I am using
Office 2003 professional and vista ultimate 64 bit. I can not find an
answer - and I am willing to perform registry tweaks, so it is very
frustrating. The office update site says that it does not support
office 2003 in Vista.

We can close the office assistant; we just can't change the office
assistant. Clippy works fine as the office assistant, but no others
can be used - we get the out of memeory error message instead.

John F

Tom Miller

The office update site says that it does not support
office 2003 in Vista.

I think that says it all besides the question of how this is related to

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