not able to connect with remote desktop



We are having problem connecting to one of the computers at the office using
remote desktop. Other people in the office are able to connect to their
office PC while away. The one PC that we are having trouble with is XP Pro
just like the others.

On the trouble PC, after I enter the name and password, it took a while and
it timed out with the error message "The client could not connect to the
remote computer. Remote connections could not be enabled or the computer
might be too busy to accept new connections. It is also possible that network
problems are preventing your connection."

I checked the windows firewall and it does show the exception for remote
desktop. Also checked that remote desktop is enabled, IP address is correct
and password is correct.

What could be the issue for not able to connect?


I cannot ping the PC that I am trying to connect to. But I cannot ping also
to the PC that are not having the same problem. This is probably because of
the Windows firewall disable the ping feature by default.

Could it be some other issues?

Sooner Al [MVP]

So this is over a local LAN or from the public internet? If its the latter
is it though a VPN or are you simply using TCP Port 3389 port forwarding? Is
the problematic client PC running any type of VPN software like a Cisco
client? I have seen reports of a Cisco VPN client blocking RDC.


Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows – Desktop User Experience)

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I did some testing and try to connect from another PC on the network. I find
out that if the user sitting at the PC has already logged in and then we try
to log in remotely, then remote desktop will work. But if the PC was logged
off and we try to connect remotely, remote desktop does not work (it will
timed out). Any ideas?

Piet van Dongen

More important => Can you make a telnet connection to that specific
workstation on port 3389?


Piet van Dongen

MCSA/MCSE Windows 2000/2003
MCTS Windows Server 2008
MCDBA SQL Server 2000
CCEA XP/3.0/4.0
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RES PowerFuse Certified Professional
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