Non-US keyboard input in email subject / address in contacts


Petros Maniatis

Hello all,

This has stumped me for a while and I can't seem to find anything about it
on-line. I can't figure out how to enter non-ASCII characters in the subject
line of an email message or the name and mailing address of a contact. If I'm
in the subject line in a new message, or in the open contact name or address
fields, I can't even switch my language bar to another keyboard (I'm trying
this with Greek).

I have been using the Greek keyboard with many other applications, including
Word and Outlook for many years (e.g., to type the body of an email message
or notes in the contact). However I haven't figured out how to enable non-US
input in subjects and addresses or names.

I have Outlook 2007 (system info reports build Build 6300) on XP with SP 2
(version 5.1.2600). My Office UI language is 1033.

Any help is greatly appreciated!



Pat Willener

You must run Outlook in Unicode Mode to enable multibyte characters and
encoding in the Subject line. Make sure that the message's encoding is
properly set to the target language (e.g. ISO-8859-7).

Petros Maniatis

Thank you Pat!

Indeed, after your comment, I looked at the settings of my Exchange mailbox
and read that "Outlook is running in non-unicode mode against Microsoft

I don't suppose there's anything I can do to change that without invoking
the IT wrath of my organization? The Help file suggested there's no manual
setting and that this is determined by Exchange and my account settings, but
it didn't say which settings...



Pat Willener

See these articles for more information on Unicode Mode settings:

This document may prove very helpful when configuring Unicode Mode
options (using gpedit.msc) - see pages 76/77:

I have made my Outlook 2003 to run in Unicode Mode using gpedit.

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