No Webcam with MSN 6.1 (after upgrade from 6.0)



I just downloaded version 6.1 for MSN Messenger and when
to "Web Camera Settings" in messenger and all I have is a
blue screen now... (as if it's not working)

I have gone through the camera wizard and I can select
the camera and see myself with it, but when I goto "Web
Camera Settings" it's just a blue screen... any ideas?

I do have a TV/FM Tuner card (which I can select in the
wizard but didn't) and normally the 'blue screen' in the
preview window in the settings only comes up when you
select the TV tuner instead of my Intel Webcam. But for
some reason it's doing it with my webcam now...

Could some one please help? (I have tried unpluggin the
usb cam and re-pluggin it just in case that might do
something, but it' didn't)

PS. I haven't tried the webcam option with anyone on my
contact list yet, but I'm sure it wouldn't work because
it's blue in the 'web camera settings' preview window...


I have the same problem. Video conferencing works great
but with 6.1 my web camera no longer functions. The
picture looks like a static screen, something you would
see on a TV channel that does not come in. This shows up
under "Web Camera Settings". The option to select a video
device is disabled. I too have a TV card. Mine is a
Hauppauge WinTV2000 as well.


I removed that 3D beta software and went through the
audio/video tuning wizard. All is still fine there. Going
to the web camera settings however I am getting the tv
channels. It appears 6.1 is picking up the wrong video
capture device under Web Camera Settings and there is no
way to change it. Use your vast influence Jonathan and
see if you can get Microsoft to issue a patch. Thanks.

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