No users on Welcome Screen after using control passwords2 in XP Ho



Sorry that this is long, but I tried to give as much detail as possible. Thx
for reading.

I have several pc running XP pro and recently I purchased a laptop with XP
Home Edition. I attempted to make it more secure by changing the 2 users from
administrator policy to a little more secure like power user. (That's what I
use on my XP Pro PC). So I opened the group policy on the XP Home using
control passwords2 and checked Power User, but it gave me an error stating
that policy does not exist. I tried on the other user with same result. I
exited the screen. When I rebooted, all user have disappeared from the
welcome screen. Attempted to ALT-Ctrl-del twice and login into administrator
and received error " unable to log in because of account restriction" Booted
into safe mode and logged into Admin account, and could not find the other 2
accounts anywhere. I did see that the folders and all the data was still
there under documents and settings. I created another user with admin rights
Ex. Test user. Rebooted, ctrl-alt-del twice typed in one of the lost users
names (ex. John) and I was in. But I noticed that John account was logged in
as Guest user rights (policy) and was unable to make any changes due to its
account restrictions. Than logged on to Test user with admin rights and again
was unable to find the other to users anywhere or in any group policy to make
any changes to them.
My guess is that since the Home edition only has Administrator and Limited
user policies that guest policy for users does not exist therefore Win XP
home does not recognize or see this type of policy restriction, which I
believe might be an error in windows.

My question here is how can I find the 2 users and change them from guest
rights back to administrator rights . Also have them appear back on the
Welcome screen.
Thank you for your time. Any help or ideas will be appreciated.


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