no touch deployment : .config files not requiring anonymous access



I seem to remember that all app.config files had to be availabale under
anonymous access on IIS for no touch to work properly with these files.

The other day i forgot to enable anonymous access for the file (the server
by default requires windows authentication for any file) and well, it works.
Was this issue resolved or did i just do something differently but i'm too
spaced out to figure it out myself ?

Thanks in advance


After a few hours of messing around i found out that a patch to microsoft
internet explorer fixes the problem with IE authentication that required
people using the no touch deployment to leave .config files with anonymous

I can't find any information on which patch fixes this issue but i am pretty
sure it is not included in IE6 sp1. Ie6 sp2 (on win xp) is fixed as well as
the patched IE6 sp1 i got on another machine (win2k in this case)

If anyone has more information about which patch fixes this issue, i'd like
to hear from you!

Thanks :)

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