No-Touch Deployment and Multiple config files


Sam Kuehn

I am trying to deploy an application using no-touch deployment and an IIS
web server. The application is using the Enterprise Library, specifically
the Caching Application Block (as well as the Config block to manage the
configuration). No-touch works great, the assemblies are downloaded correctly
and the application is functioning properly UNTIL I hit a chunk of code that
uses Caching. The I get an error that says:
An unhandled exception has occurred in you application........

Invalid section name. The section 'cachingConfiguration' does not exiswt
in the requested configuration file 'http://myserver/myadd/myapp.exe.remoteconfig'
or machine.config...Make sure that the 'enterpriseLibrary.configurationSections'
configuration section exists in one fo the files and that the section 'cachingConfiguation'
is defined. Two questions
1) Sould/could I merge the two config files into one in order to make the
app work.
2) How can I make the no-touch depolyed app see the cachingConfiguation config
file? (I have tried using the full URL to the cachingConfig file in the path

relavent lines from app.config and cacheingConfiguration.config:
<enterpriselibrary.configurationSettings xmlns:xsd=""
xmlns:xsi="" applicationName="TAMProspects"
<configurationSection xsi:type="ReadOnlyConfigurationSectionData" name="cachingConfiguration"
<storageProvider xsi:type="XmlFileStorageProviderData" name="XML File
Storage Provider" path="cachingConfiguration.remoteconfig" />
<dataTransformer xsi:type="XmlSerializerTransformerData" name="Xml
Serializer Transformer">
<includeTypes />
<keyAlgorithmStorageProvider xsi:nil="true" />
<includeTypes />

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<xmlSerializerSection type="Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Caching.Configuration.CacheManagerSettings,
Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Caching, Version=, Culture=neutral,
<enterpriseLibrary.cacheSettings xmlns:xsd=""
xmlns:xsi="" defaultCacheManager="Cache
Manager" xmlns="">
<cacheManager name="Cache Manager" expirationPollFrequencyInSeconds="60"
maximumElementsInCacheBeforeScavenging="1000" numberToRemoveWhenScavenging="10">
<cacheStorage xsi:type="IsolatedStorageCacheStorageData" name="Isolated
Storage" partitionName="TAMProspects" />

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