No to WGA - Castles Declaration of European Independence



Castles Declaration of European Independence

The world monopoly of Microsoft Windows threatens the common good and
traditional freedoms of all European nations. Not by a natural monopoly
but one created entirely by political agreement. The progress in
computer science includes private homes, as well as in the workplace,
which are permanently connected or connected frequently to the
internet. Microsoft Windows is now a global operating system that now
allows "control downloads and updates" to reach into the private
homes of European nation states with little possibility to say

The nature of economic business cycles is one that stimulates foreign
wars and makes new financial demands on the profitability of domestic
economies. The power of such a monopoly in Europe where observance for
legal authority is high now permits an abuse of this unnatural
monopoly. As the world economic crisis deepens, Microsoft will release
"automatic downloads and updates" directly into private homes
across the world. In order to finance foreign wars, this monopoly can
be used as a powerful global taxation system to subsidise such wars.

Health and education systems are most evolved in Europe as non-profit
services. European nations have demonstrated a willingness to exchange
faster economic growth for more equitable societies. Access to these
health and education systems is increasingly via personal computers.
The Windows monopoly is now an integral part of these systems because
of the rapid nature of progress in all computing technology. The
declaration of European independence states that Europe will protect
its borders from invisible foreign taxation levied through the basic
operating system that personal computers require.

Now is the moment for Europe to throw off the yoke of the Microsoft
Windows system. Developing an effective alternative operating system
will demand investments in intellectual capital that the "cultural
richness" and diversity of Europe is capable of. The alternative is
for every home in Europe to be increasingly taxed by Microsoft over the
Internet, enforcing copyright legislation at every "twist and
turn". That profiteering from such an unnatural monopoly, piracy of
our education and our health system, will hurt Europeans the hardest
where respect and observance of the legal systems is highest.

The global economic business cycle is not under control of any one man
or any one government. When the general economic future is uncertain,
the ability and political willingness of Microsoft to generate new
taxes from the homes of European citizens, and not just the workplace,
is a certainty. A political priority for Europe is to develop an
alternative to Microsoft Windows as part of the futuristic equality of
access to our health and education systems. That system should be free
for home use but a priced product for business users. European Single
Market legislation will allow the installation and deployment of the
proposed basic operating system. That is by reform of existing company
taxation laws and changes in fiscal policies. The law must only observe
the existing differentiations between personal and business taxation in
the tradition of government fiscal policy. Establishing in Europe
provisions of a "free basic operating system" is inseparable from
the similar rights to health services and free basic education.






Bill said:
Ummm What? Is Microsoft taxing people to support wars?

I couldn't have said it better myself except for one thing...MS is not
just doing this to Europe, they are doing this to the world.

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