Chinese + Russian miitary to replace Microsoft products.


Sep 30, 2005
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Chinese military to replace Windows OS amid fears of US hacking

Per the magazine, Chinese military officials won't be jumping ship from Windows to Linux but will develop a custom OS.

Since these leaks have revealed that the US can hack into almost anything, the Chinese government's plan is to adopt a "security by obscurity" approach and run a custom operating system that will make it harder for foreign threat actors -- mainly the US -- to spy on Chinese military operations.

Russian military moves closer to replacing Windows with Astra Linux

In January 2018, the Russian Ministry of Defence announced plans to transfer military systems from the Windows OS to Astra Linux, citing fears that Microsoft's closed-source approach might hide Windows backdoors that can be abused by US intelligence to spy on Russian government operations.

Microsoft and other tech giants are being given a hard time by the Germans too.

Microsoft, Google and Apple clouds banned in Germany’s schools

Germany just banned its schools from using cloud-based productivity suites from Microsoft, Google, and Apple. The tech giants aren’t satisfying its privacy requirements with their cloud offerings, it warned.

The problem is twofold, it explained. Firstly, it isn’t happy with Microsoft storing personal data (especially children’s data) in a European cloud that could be accessed by US authorities, adding:

The digital sovereignty of state data processing must be guaranteed.

Its other issue is with Microsoft’s data slurping. It warned:

With the use of the Windows 10 operating system, a wealth of telemetry data is transmitted to Microsoft, whose content has not been finally clarified despite repeated inquiries to Microsoft. Such data is also transmitted when using Office 365.

Although the majority of the report focused on Microsoft Office 365, HBDI explicitly called out other cloud service providers, so schools can’t use Google Docs or Apple’s iWork either:

What is true for Microsoft is also true for the Google and Apple cloud solutions. The cloud solutions of these providers have so far not been transparent and comprehensible set out. Therefore, it is also true that for schools, privacy-compliant use is currently not possible.
It is about time that the world called out these tech giants over their secret data collection. It may very well be innocent data, if that is the case then why are they not up front about it ? As to backdoors and hacking well everything we do here un the UK is tracked and logged and accesible to the US and the UK gov's. Think I am paraniod,ask yourself, why did they spend all those billions of quids on GCHQ ?



Yorkshire Cruncher
Mar 21, 2007
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No great surprise I suppose after the Huawei carry on. :nod:

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