no terminal server over VPN ?




Im having a problem connecting to a terminal server over VPN (PPTP).

XP >>> FIREWALL >>> NET >>> FIREWALL >>> 2000 server (customer1 site)

1. I can connect to other customers "terminal server" from my client using
"TS client" so 3389 is open outwards on my connection.
2. I can connect to all PPTP VPN hosts from my client so PPTP works.
3. A staff member of customer1 site can connect externally to customer1 site
using PPTP and TS client. So setup must be ok at customer site 1.
4. From a stand alone machine with dialup net connection I can lanch PPTP
VPN to customer site one and run TS clinet.

I cant understand why after establishing a VPN connection to customer1site,
I cant get the TS client to work. It must be someting to do with my firewall
confiuragtion but as I say 3389 open and PPTP open (and I thought that all
TS traffic would be channeled via PPTP anyway so in 3389 could be closed).

- I have ping disabled via my firewall.
- Again, I have 3389 outgoing enabled via my firewall, it works.
- Again, I have PPTP enabled outgoing on my firewall, it works.
- When running IPCONFIG /ALL the PPP adapter registers customer1 site local
DNS + WINS address + assigned IP and correct subnet.

Any information would be helpful.



I had to uncheck the "use default gateway on remote network" option.



Robert L [MS-MVP]

thanks for the update and we need this.

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