netgear routers allow max of 1 to 4 pptp passthroughs !




I have been having a problem with PPTP connections passing through a netgear
router (i.e from my lan to a remote pptp services only 1 connection at a
time will work - when second machine connects, first connection drops).

This has been traced back to a netgear router that will only allow a single
vpn pass-through (be its pptp, ipsec, L2pt etc....). Kind of a problem for
us when attempting to support 100 or so sites over pptp/terminal server.

This table shows the router max vpn throughputs and vpn terminators:

1. My question is, how do other people deal with this sort of restriction ?
use a device that allows more pptp pass-through connections ?

network setup like below........all pptp traffic from "my lan" to "net"
allowed to pass-through router. clients on "my lan" use standard MS vpn
adapter and punch in IP.

multi pptp host at sites to be supported
my lan


2. Netgear say its a firmware restriction . If this is the case why cant I
purchase a router with the ability to allow 50 pass-through connection ? why
restrict to 4 ?

Thanks for any advice.

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