No tentative meeting request



When I send out a meeting request I understand a number of things happen in
the background by Outlook.

1. An email is sent to attendees requesting them to attend a meeting
2. All attendees calendar will show my meeting request as a tentative
appointment (even though the email request has not been read)

However in my experience point 1 happens but point 2 does not. Only when
the attendee has opened the email meeting request (literally just opened it
and not responded) does the appointment then appear in their calendar as

Is there a method to ensure that point 2 occurs with out the user having to
open their email?



George Greenwald

I am experiencing the same issue and looking for a solution. 50 clients all running Outlook 2003 at same patch level (current). When most clients receive a meeting invitation, the invitation appears as Tentative in their calendar BEFORE they open or view the request. This is the desired functioning. For others, the request does NOT show up in the calendar until after they open the request in the Inbox. It should show in the Calendar as Tentative regardless automatically. A solution would be much appreciated.

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