No Remove Button for IE7 in Add/Remove



With Win XP SP3--no Vista, but AVG Free.
At Add/Remove> IE7, there is NO Remove button and Spt Info there shows Ver
20070813.185237 and opens downlod for IE8 Beta!

Control Panel Programs shows 4 icons: ie explorer.exe (2); (3) (4) versions
6.0.2900.2180 (91.0kb)...and also ie explorer Ver 7.0.600.16708611kb).

MY Downloads shows IE 7. MY Computer>Windows shows ie7 in blue.
Now with that said, how do I uninstall IE7 and reinstall IE6 (with no Remove
button in Add/Remove for IE7 which shows with 4 updates?)

Would deleting icons from Control Panel do it, or deleting from registry in
regedit? I've spent so many hours and days reading posts and blogs, without
success; most are using the Remove button in Add/Remove that I do not have.
.....frustrated Great Grandmother


Yes, if the "list" you refer to is the Add/Remove list, it is listed, without
any "size" figures, but with 4 updates. But, there is no "Remove" button to
remove it from the Add/Remove list. And, "Support Information" shown there
when I click on it, shows a different version and also opens up a download
for IE8 Beta!

Yorkshire lad

Hi - did you resolve this problem. I installed IE8, didn't like it and
restored to IE7 but lost all the menu bars and I have no remove option in
control panel.

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