No longer receiving mail in Outlook 2003 on Vista home premium



Today at 11:07A I received the 7th different message from my son's iPhone to
my email account. After that - no more email is being received by that
account. The "test settings" button returned an email to my webmail but not
to Outlook. I've set up this acct to automatically retrieve messages and
delete them from the server every few minutes.
I called my ISP and tried all their suggestions to no avail. Seems my
security software (their 1st suggestion) couldn't be the culprit b/c the
other 2 accts on the same server are working correctly with the same Outlook
I deleted the account and closed Outlook, then opened it and created the
account anew. It is timing out while attempting to retrieve 7 emails with a
combined size of 110kb.


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