no incomming voice sound on messenger



I have just bought a new dell laptop Inspiron 2200 and installed MSN
messenger to be able to have voice to voice conversations by computer. I
tried it last night. The other party could hear me clearly but I had no sound
at my end either on the speakers or in the headphones. Is there something I
should have set up


Have you checked all your system settings for your volume control. What else
have you tried yourself.

Jonathan Kay [MVP]

Greetings Lorron,

Firstly, make sure both you and your contact have gone through the Audio (and Video) Tuning
Wizard in Messenger. To do so, open the main Messenger window, click the Tools menu, then
Audio Tuning Wizard, then go through the wizard to select and test your audio/video devices.

If that's not the case, and if you or your contact are using a router (with UPnP support),
you may need to remove the current port forwardings. To do so (note this is for Windows XP
exclusively), click Start, All Programs, Accessories, Communications, Network Connections.
Right-click the "Internet Gateway" (should be under the Internet Gateway heading) and choose
Properties. Choose the Settings button, click each 'msmsgs' or 'msnmsgr' entry and then
choose 'Delete' to each one. Then close Messenger (right-click the Messenger icon, choose
Exit), then restart Messenger.

Also, you and your contact might try turning off the QoS Packet Scheduler. To do so,
click Start, then click the Control Panel. If you're in category view click Network and
Internet connections then click Network Connections. Right click your network/internet
connection, then click Properties. Uncheck the QoS Packet Scheduler, then reboot and try
Jonathan Kay
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