MSN Messenger 7.5 voice conversation can't connect since modem upg



My father and I have successfully had voice conversations using MSN Messenger
(on my side; I think he's using Windows Messenger) for several years. I just
had to install a new DSL modem, but didn't change anything else, including my
wireless router. Suddenly, when either of us tries to initiate a voice
conversation, messenger returns a message that the voice conversation with X
has ended.

Any ideas about what's happening?

Jonathan Kay [MVP]


It sounds like both of you need to go through the Audio and Video Tuning Wizard again. To do
so, click the Tools menu, then Audio (and Video) Tuning Wizard.

Jonathan Kay
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Please help My daughter and I have successfully used voice and webcam for
several months but in the last 3 weeks we hav not been able to use the voice
Neither of us has done anything We have both setup the video and voice wizard
several times We added our son and have the same problem with him It shows on
our screen a big red X through the mike beside thier display picture

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