No Finds of Spyware



I have been trying MS Antispyware Beta for about 2 weeks
and I have yet had it find ANYTHING!!! I then run: 1)
AOL's Spyware Protection, 2) Lavasoft's Ad-aware SE, and
3) Spybot Search & Destroy, 4) Noadware and they always
find different spyware on my system. Why am I not getting
MS's spyware software to find even the FIRST piece of
spyware??? For the life of me....I cannot figure this
one out!!! I hope Microsoft can do better than this!!!

Bill Sanderson

In comparative reviews, Microsoft Antispyware does do better.

The current beta builds of Microsoft Antispyware don't scan for or
selectively remove, cookies. Check the other detections to see how many are

Are you on Noadware version 3 or higher? Earlier versions were listed as
rogue antispyware by Eric Howes because of high levels of false positives.


Im in the same boat as annoymous here!
Never finds a thing, and Adaware finds 60 or more.
Cant find a setting to change that. Any hints?

Bill Sanderson

Set Ad-aware not to scan for cookies or data miners and see what happens?


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