No center speaker on Win XP



Hello everyone!

I have Creative Inspire 5300 5.1 and Sound Blaster 5.1 Live!, also
Windows XP. When i was working on Win 98 i had sound on center speaker
in test in the Creative Surround Mixer, but now on Win XP there is no
sound on this speaker...
I try to install new drivers with no results. I think this is problem
with XP but what I should do to fix it ? It is very important for me,
please help me if you can.

Everything is connected correctly, Windows sound mixer is set on 5.1
Surround System, so why there is no sound on center speaker, even in
this test in the Creative Surround Mixer!!! ?

Thanks and best regards,
Tom from Poland




Hey Filozof,
I have the same speakers and software that you do. I also had that same
I fixed it by using the creative playcenter, and choosing the CMSS option to
be turned ON. When you pull up Playcenter, this CMSS option is hidden, in
the right hand, white area of the player, there is a little arrow pointing
towards the right. The arrow is located just to the right of the EAX button.
Click on it and the Player should get longer, showing an additional menu. The
CMSS option is located on the bottom left. Let me know if that helps...Nate

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