Win XP SP2 and 6.1 Surround Speakers



I have just bought the Creatives Inspire 6.1 Surround System
After installing and setting up I noticed there is NO support for 6.1 in the
windows Sound and Audio section of the Control Panel. It jumps from 4.1 to
5.1 to 7.1 Surround then 7.1 Surround (Wide)

Is this a glitch or is there a patch that needs downloading?
I am using the Creative Audigy 2 Platinum Ex Sound Card which allows 6.1
But the callibration wont run




If you get the latest Creative drivers for your card, there will be a
speaker settings panel where you can select whether or not the card syncs
with the Windows speaker setting control panel. Most people chose to
unselect it, so that they can hold their settings, even if a program tries
to change the settings by way of the Windows panel. In the Creative panel,
you can set 6.1 speakers.


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