Newbie video capture question for Radeon X850 XT PE



I have a Dell Dimenson XPS Gen 5 computer with what I was led to believe
was the full version of the ATI Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition card via
PCI-E, as opposed to the "value" editions of hardward Dell typically
uses. However the connections on the back of my card do not appear to
be the same an photos I see on line.

I have one DVI, one VGA and one S-video connector visible from the back
of my computer. I've read this card is capable of video capture via the
Rage Theatre chip.

My question is about hooking a VCR up to the card for the capture. Can
anyone point me in the right direction as to how the connection between
a VCR and my computer is made? Is the S-video connection actually both
"in and out?" What about sound?

The .pdf manual at ATI's site seems to be bugged and doesn't fully
describe video capture with this card.

I have Nero Ultra 6.5.

Any information will be appreciated.




Reggie Hillier

I thought that the "OEM" version of the card did not have two dvi, only one
dvi and one vga .


Here is a website that has a good pic of the card

In order to Capture Video you would need the All In Wonder version of the
card........which you do not have


A card does not have to be an AIW to be capable of video capture,
peterk - it can also be a VIVO card, in which case it doesn't have a

mb, if your card is a VIVO card, then the s-video connector will be
for video in and out. However, on many ATI (and other) cards, the
pin-outs are not standard for s-video: you should have received an
in/out adapter or separate in and out adapters with the card/PC. Use
this to connect a composite video or s-video input.

The best way to find out if you have a VIVO card is to look in Device
Manager: under Sound, video and game controllers, you should have ATI
devices listed: probably something like ATI WDM Rage Thearter video
and Specialized MVD WDM VBI codec.

If you have unidentified, non-working devices shown there, it maybe
that you have a VIVO card, but don't have the capture/WDM driver

Don't forget that if you do have a VIVO card, the input is video only:
you'll need to input audio to the soundcard.


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Thanks for the info. There are no "ATI" items listed under sound &
video controllers in the device manager. Only something named "legacy
video capture." I should have known that Dell would not be sending me
the top of the line version of the card as their advertising leads one
to believe.


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