Newbie: Multiple records to one customer


Bill Craig

This I am sure is a newbie question, but one that I am
having a hard time with. I am creating a repairs database
and I have a table for my repair tickets, for my
customers, for my repair locations, and for my parts. The
problem I am having is when doing a repair I have some
(repairs) that use multiple parts. I want the tech to be
able to choose from a menu the parts(from the parts table)
that they use. And like I said, there will be multiple

Right now I have it set up as the following:
Repair Table:
there is a field for repair parts.

Parts Table:
Field: PartNumber, text (key)
Field: PartDescription, text
Field: PartVendor, text
Field: PartWholesale
Field: PartRetail

Please help. I think I might be going at this the wrong
way, but I am not sure what the right way is.

Bill Craig
Leesburg Hobbies & Collectibles
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Hey Bill,

It looked to me like this was a classic order entry type app. I was able to create a new db from template (order entry). The Products table in the template is very similar to your Parts table. You might want to make up a sample db using the template just to see how the various parts (tables, forms, etc) work together.

As far as your actual parts table structure, I'll suggest just a few changes:

tblParts 'do a search on naming conventions for explanation of this.....
PartNumberID 'autonumber PK
PartDescription 'text
VendorID 'foreign key from a vendor table
PartWhsle 'currency
PartRetail 'currency




Lynn Trapp

You will need a third table -- let's call it RepairDetails -- and you will
need to put the field for the RepairParts in that table. Thus you would have
this structure.

RepariID (PK)
---Other fields related to repairs

RepairDetailID (PK)
RepairID (FK)
PartID (Look this up from the parts Table)
--Other fields related to repair details

PartID (PK)
--other fields related to parts.

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