New version : JAlbum v4.0.1



Free web photo album generator

2003-10-31 4.0.1
User may now specify a list of directory names to ignore during
processing. Handy for those who make albums out of directory
structures generated by digital cameras.

Added new listFiles() method to the AlbumBean engine to simplify
creation of advanced skins, etc. See API doc for more info

2003-10-31 4.0
The JAlbum user interface is now multilingual. Current languages are:
English, Swedish, German and Hungarian. More translations to follow if
you helpful people out there can spare a couple of hours (check out
the "texts" directory)

Fully dynamic, rewritten, resizable user interface in order to support
different languages. JAlbum occupies less desk space now, but can be
enlarged if needed.

Popular 3:rd party skins are now bundled: BluPlusPlus, XP, PBase and
Experience. Thank you skin authors!

Comes with a new multilingual installer.

JAlbum now has a new tools menu where users can plug in their own
extension scripts to do general tasks (like resetting file date to
camera date, batch-rotating images etc)

Added drop boxes for common image and thumbnail sizes.

Reads and writes comments to external text files in order to speed up
the process of adding comments (writing directly to the images is time
consuming but still supported).

Loading a skin with "skin hints" will clear old filter settings. (No
more confusion on why getting black and white images...)

Added option to control if directories are to be ordered before image

Replaced the annoying "load skin hints" warning with a checkbox.

Added keyboard PageUp and PageDown shortcuts to easily move between
images while adding comments.

Improved scripting error reporting.

Again uses BeanShell2.0 as scripting engine.

Updated EXIF parsing engine (MetadataExtractor v2.2) meaning better
camera data support.

Defaults to not write UTF-8 as, for example Internet Explorer ignores
the "charset" meta attribute when doing local browsing thereby
missinterpreting foreign characters.

Does not write the "UTF-8 signature bytes" anymore (browser
compatibility issue). These bytes indicate UTF-8 files according to
W3C, but is a too modern standard for many browsers (Mozilla for
example) The effect was that three weird looking characters showed up
in the beginning of a page.

Automatically senses UTF-8 and UTF-16 encoded text files (with or
without the help of the W3C signature bytes).

Will not attempt to write to write protected files. (Previously this
caused hard-to-understand errors with the write protected hidden
"Thumbs.db" file that Windows XP generates)

The list of skins is always ordered alphabetically now. Only skin
directories are listed (i.e. plain files are not listed)

The list of user defined variables is always ordered alphabetically

The list of styles is filtered to only show .css type files

Added new "Dates" utility class for skin developers. Please see
javadoc for more info.

Scripts may now abort album generation by throwing a

Better compliance with xhtml when outputting data.

Bug fixes:
Scroll bars didn't appear on the "Slide show" thumbnail page , even if

Background image didn't show up on skins having background images like
"Polaroid" and "Film" (error in skins)

Bug fix for Mac OS X 10.2: Clicking view album and edit skin didn't
work. Now works, but untested for OS X 10.0 and 10.1

Bug fix for Mac OS X: UI controls would collide


Conny (CoMa) Magnusson
(e-mail address removed)
ICQ : 1351964
Only a mediocre person is always at his best.

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