Jul 13, 2005
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Hi all,

I'm new to this and was wondering if someone could pass on a few words of wisdom for me please. As usual, Microsoft's help file is full to the brim of techno-jargon, which isn't very helpful for me (being new). Lol.

Basically, we'lre looking into getting our desktop systems through the whole WHQL process, so that we get the "Designed for Windows" logo to stick on them, etc. It's just getting them through which is the problem.

I downloaded the HCT image from Microsoft's website, and burt it to a cd. I put it onto a new computer and installed it (leaving all the options as default, so only installing the 'systems' bit).

When I run the compatibility test, it first goes through and detects what is on my computer, and I then have to select from a list what parts to check. 1) How do I know what one is the right one to check when it gives me a list with 7 or 8 items in it? Also, when it doesn't find anything for certain fields, it gives me the generic 'ignore and continue' sorta option (which is basically says, don't do). However, does that mean I need to have everything in the computer to make it pass? Such as Firewire, a modem, etc, etc.

Also, it seems sever of the tests have 'server' counterparts. Do I have to run these just to test the desktop system, or are they just for if you are doing a server test...?

Sorry for sounding so stupid, lol. Everyone has to start somewhere though; and I'm very much in 'uncharted water' for me and my colleagues.

I would be very grateful if some people could offer some nice words, as there seems to be no help to be found on the web at all...


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